If the grass is greener, it must be Paradise Kikuyu

The Original & the Best

Why Eykamp Kikuyu?

Kikuyu is known the world over as the king of grasses – lush, soft to touch yet hardy, fast growing, self-repairing and most importantly, beautifully bright and green. We’re the pioneers of kikuyu – so anywhere you see kikuyu growing, you can wager the seeds were harvested at our farm. As the original producers, buying Eykamp means you’re buying directly from the farmer, with no middleman.

100% pure,
premium kikuyu seeds

Sowing to mowing
in just 6 weeks

7-14 Day Germination

Create your own
backyard Paradise

Our patented Paradise Kikuyu breed has been specially designed to be perfect for backyard lawns – it stays green year-round, meaning your lawn pride will always be sky high, plus it creates grass that’s extra thick and dense, with just the right amount of attack to counter weeds but not get out of control.

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Our Story

We’re a third generation family farming business selling premium grass seeds that give everyday Australians the chance to have their lawn pride moment. We pioneered kikuyu seed production back in 1971, and over 50 years later, we’re still going strong, continuously improving our offerings, and breeding new species of kikuyu for every possible use. Just like the lawns our seeds create, we’ve grown into something to be proud of, and we’re looking forward to a long future of supplying Australians with the key to a beautiful backyard.


Gary Poole

Fantastic customer service , quick delivery, seed very easy to see when spreading with its blue coating would recommend Eykamp to anybody wanting Kikuyu seed Only 4 days since I seeded the lawn will keep Eykamp updated


I prepared a very rough area of ground prior to sowing Eykamp Seeds Paradise Kikuyu. I threw the seed out by hand, watered well and mowed. The result was an area that looked like a bowling green! Very happy with this product.

M & J Slade

Our lawn was established from scratch using Eykamp seeds at the end of 2018. We choose the seed option due to price comparison and ease of use.  Also, we were in the midst of an extreme drought so watering turf was not an option. The process of beginning a lawn from seed was easy and rewarding, and the support from the team was second to none.  The results speak for themselves.

Josh S

Preparation for the new grass was super easy. We sprayed it out & left to take effect. We then lightly worked the area to loosen up the top soil. Spread seed out and kept well watered for a month. Germination was great. Within 8 weeks I had a full lawn.

John Steer

Quick service, thanks. Growing well.