Grown with love

We’re a third generation family farming business selling premium grass seeds that give everyday Australians the chance to have their lawn pride moment. Our signature kikuyu seeds are the highest quality grass seeds on the market, grown with love in our own backyard in Quirindi, NSW. Kikuyu is our focus and our passion, so you can bet we know it back to front and inside out – and after being in the business 50 years, we also know a thing or two about what it takes to grow a beautiful lawn.

Where we began

Our grandfather, Roy Eykamp, was born in America and travelled to Australia in 1962 exploring the possibilities of moving here to farm. After moving and farming in Quirindi from 1964, he came across kikuyu seeds in 1970, seeing their potential for greatness as a commercial seed crop before anyone else did. When he couldn’t find the machinery he needed to harvest and produce kikuyu on a large scale, he got to work creating it himself and the first crop was harvested in 1971. Ever the problem solver, he made it happen, pioneering their use in Aussie backyards – and the rest is history.

Circa 1971

Grown into something to be proud of

Nowadays, all of our operations are looked after by another Roy - Roy Sr’s grandson – on the very same farm in Quirindi. And over 50 years later, we’re still going strong, continuously improving our offerings, and breeding new species of kikuyu for every possible use. By selling seeds directly to you, we know you’re going to recieve them exactly as intended - pure and unadulterated, and guaranteed to give you the result they’re after (with a little bit of TLC, of course). Just like the lawns our seeds create, we’ve grown into something to be proud of, and we’re looking forward to a long future of supplying Australians with the key to a beautiful backyard.