The Eykamp Difference


Kikuyu is us: anywhere you see kikuyu growing, you can wager the seeds were harvested at our farm. We’re the original producers, and still the best, so buying Eykamp means you’re buying directly from the farmer, with no middleman.


We’re not interested in cutting corners: our product is pure, premium and unadulterated. We treat our seeds with reverence, and don’t add anything to them we wouldn’t be happy to use in our own backyards.


Our products contain 100% kikuyu seed, and are not blended with other seed varieties – unlike other brands that often contain as little as 10% kikuyu. When you sow pure seed, there’s a much better chance of your lawn establishing evenly and growing well – even if a few get eaten by birds or the dog along the way.

Not all grass seeds are created equal.

If you’ve had a bad experience with growing grass from seed, you were probably using the wrong seed. When you have the right seeds – ie, ours! – growing a lawn from seed not only rivals the ease and visual appeal of a lawn from turf, but will surpass it.

Paradise Kikuyu has a unique coating designed to achieve faster, better results:
Lime – creates a better germination environment by helping to neutralise acidity close to the seed
NPK macro-nutrients & trace elements – boosts establishment and improves the grasses vigour
Bright blue colour – easy to see when spreading to help with an even coverage

Greener way of doing grass

Growing a lawn from scratch is how nature intended it. Instead of transplanting soil attached to turf, which can bring diseases and cause problems, you’re looking after your backyard by planting seed instead. Not to mention the huge environmental footprint saved when you buy a tiny bag of speeds compared to a large amount of turf.

1 Truck =

6 Lawns



5,000 Lawns


*Based on average lawn size of 50 square metres and 10 pallet truck.

If the grass is greener,
it must be Paradise

We spent years experimenting on the farm to figure out what makes the perfect grass seed for home lawns - and this is it. Our patented Paradise Kikuyu breed has been specially designed to produce a smaller, finer leaf that stays green year-round, meaning your lawn pride will always be high. It’s also been modified to create a lawn that is extra thick and dense, that stands up better to winter, and has just the right balance of growth attack, without becoming invasive. Paradise Kikuyu is what your backyard has been waiting for.