Need to know how to keep your lawn healthy over the cooler months? From mowing to fertilising and watering, we’ve got you covered.

With winter just around the corner, a proactive approach to nourishing and maintaining your lawn will ensure it remains green, robust and resilient through those chilly days. A little TLC in autumn will help your kikuyu lawn bounce back to life in spring.

Apply a slow release fertiliser

Autumn provides an ideal window to fortify your lawn for the upcoming winter. Applying a slow release fertiliser in autumn will help strengthen and protect the grass from colder temperatures and help it bounce back when spring rolls around. Our Eykamp Seeds’ custom blend Booster Fertiliser is packed with key nutrients to feed your lawn and soil. This dose of TLC ensures long term resilience by developing deep roots and enhancing their ability to endure the challenges of colder climates. This step is particularly important if your Paradise Kikuyu lawn is newly established.

It’s easy to do, check the pack for how much Eykamp Seeds Booster Fertiliser you will need to spread. There’s also an easy to use calculator on our website. Spread evenly by hand or with a spreader and follow up with a deep watering session to allow the nutrients to penetrate the soil effectively. Shop for your fertiliser here & treat your lawn this weekend!

Adjust mowing heights in late autumn

Mowing won’t be needed as often as the lawn growth slows down, but when it does, consider adjusting your lawn mower to a slightly higher setting. Maintaining a moderate grass length, rather than cutting too short makes the lawn less susceptible to frost. The extended leaf length not only acts as a natural safeguard against the cold but also ensures your lawn retains a lusher appearance.

Keep watering to a minimum

Your water bill will thank you as you can scale watering right back to a minimum. Kikuyu needs very little watering over winter. If it does need a drink, aim to do so in the mornings, this will allow some time for the moisture to soak in. Be careful not to overdo it, waterlogging or overwatering can cause problems down the track with rot and fungal disease.

Don’t let discoloration get you down

If your kikuyu lawn loses some of its green sheen, don’t be disheartened. Kikuyu does go dormant over winter and older varieties will brown off more so than Paradise Kikuyu. Thankfully, kikuyu has a remarkable ability to recover once the warmer weather starts to creep back in.

By incorporating these easy-care tips into your lawn maintenance routine, you can ensure that your kikuyu lawn remains healthy, vibrant and ready to withstand the challenges of the cooler months.

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